Cut by a state-of-the-art cutter machine.
That makes the cut for the flaps and through the image practically invisible.

  • Take selfies up to 30 feet away.

A small clasp is used to hold Phoneshoe to a keychain.  There is a tiny flap to keep it level. By bending it up, Phoneshoe doesn't lay on the clasp. Phoneshoe can also be easily detached from the keychain by a clip.

Phoneshoe is a universal smartphone stand, disguise as an image. That fits on a keychain. That allows you to stand your smartphone to custom portrait and landscape viewing angles in seconds, with a case or not. While being attached or detached to a keychain. Then could be bent back into a flat image. An be used numerous times!

  • Transform an Image (photo, art, design, selfies, ect)

Stands your smartphone vertical from a 90 degree angle and  could be leaned up to a 50-55 degrees angle and even farther horizontal.

  • Souvnier / Sports Memorbilla

Pair Phoneshoe with a keychain remote shutter for a great way to take selfies and photos.   That fits on a keychain!

  • .No need to leave someone out of a group photo or ask a stranger to take it.
  • Business / Promotional Product

 Simply unclip Phoneshoe, set up your phone. An use the keychain remote shutter to take a photo up to 30 feet.

is the small size of 65 mm x 25 mm. That comes with a lobster clasp and keyring.

Made from a unique Patent Eco-friendly flexible plastic. That retains the shape it is bent into.

A two flap design allows Phoneshoe to transforms from a flat image into a custom phone stand, by just bending two flaps. When the flaps are bent, it creates a gap in-between them. This is where a phone is held. One flap is the front support, the other is the back support. The angle at which the flaps are bent into, adjusts the angle of the phone. Phoneshoe can then be bent back to flat after use.

  • Will alway be with your keys, if you ever feel like a  spontaneous photo.